Pro-Seal ProductsTop 10 Selling Products

Label Description Applications
1 DP36 Single component reactive osmotic reagent that seals, densifies, waterproofs, hardens, reduces vapor drive and preserves most concrete substrates.  Penetrates up to 36”/pass. Almost all in situ concrete needs…On Grade, Below Grade, Negative Side Repairs, Vertical or Horizontal applications
2 Pro-Seal 34 Caulking system for wet environments.  Seals thru water and even oil.  Available in 7 colors Galvanized metal, Kynar coated metal, Planters, Wood , Aluminum, Stone, Concrete, Vinyl, Boats, Recreational Vehicles, and more
3 Ultra Shield II-A Hydrocarbon resistant film sealer for concrete. Dries crystal clear or available in custom colors. Decorative Concrete, Concrete, Metal, Wood, Granite, Marble, Tile, CMU Bock, Cinder Block, and more
4 DG-7 Heavy duty degreaser; alternative to all environmentally unsound solvents identified as degreasers. DG7 “floats” grease and oils allowing a residue free surface upon rinsing. Concrete, Stone, Brick, Marble, Metal, CMU Blocks and more
5 BS-309 Scented Polycarbon liquid cleaner designed for a wide variety of industrial cleaning projects Walls, Floors , Tile , Concrete , Marble ,  Enamel, Terrazzo , Stainless steel,  Chrome
6 SP-12 Single component one-coat penetrating breathable sealer that completely seals most porous substrates Brick, Mortar, Concrete, CMU Block Walls,   Cured Asphalt, Split-Faced Block,  Sandstone, Cinder-Crete
7 AntiGraf, DeGraf Graffiti & Hydrocarbon resistant non-sacrificial Sealer (AntiGraf)  & Remover (DeGraf) System Concrete, Brick, Metal, CMU Block, Stucco, Glass, Canvas and more.
8 R.O.C. Hard Concrete hardening agent. This product cures and polishes concrete to a high-shine “Rock Hard” finish Industrial, Commercial, Residential, Warehouse, Schools, Food Service, Retail, Medical, Automotive, Airports, and more
9 ProThane 230 Strongest caulk for moving joints Tilt-Up Panels, Plaza Decks, Window Glazing, Curtain Wall Panels, Moving Joints, Non-moving Joints and more
10 ALHT System Single component coating for concrete substrates.  inclusive of Pro-Seal DP-36 , Pro-Seal Prime Flex III , Pro-Seal Deck Flex HT , Pro-Seal Ureflex AL™, Pro-Seal Polyscrim Parking decks, Industrial floors , Walkways , High traffic work areas, Decorative entries, Wood Decks (when used with proper primer) , Metal Decks (when used with proper primer) and more